About Us

I have been designing and rejuvenating gardens since 1995 and helping people prepare their homes for sale by improving the kerb appeal since 2007.

Prospective buyers often view a home from the roadside, long before they make an appointment to look inside the house. So first impressions really count.

On the flip side, it can take months to finally exchange and take possession of a new home, by which time the garden can become totally engulfed by weeds. The prospect of finding the garden again can be a daunting task to some. Digging and weeding is a passion of mine!

Hence Garden Rejuvenation was born!

From there grew my 'Hiring Horticulture' off-shoot.  This is a range of portable wooden structures to cater for social events.  These are particularly useful with marquee events and hotels, but certainly not restricted to them.  Please View the 'Hiring Horticulture' page for more information. 

Contact us on 01466 700238 or email using the contact page